Monday, March 27, 2017

The More Things Change

I didn't write at all last quarter.

As an academic professional - that weird job category rebranded as 'student services' and 'campus life' - I think on the academic calendar, with the arbitrary waypoints that are built in: Fall, Winter, Spring, reading period, finals, break. Scheduling things with friends who are also orbiting the ivory tower is a quick exchange:

"I can't, the kids will be returning that day."
"But it's not even the 10th!"
"We're on the quarter system."
" see you in June then?"

It was a weird and difficult quarter overall, which is something I feel I say a lot: things were weird, and things were difficult, and it's a tired thing to say because things are always weird, and difficult, and even if the things that make them weird and difficult change, there you still are: weird and difficult.

One of the things that was especially weird over the past few months is that I started a new job. Yes! After all my angsting and what I thought had been a firm decision to stick with the job that was unsatisfying but consistent, another opportunity popped up and I went for it. And got it.

My 'day job' and 'night job' now happen on the same campus, a midnight-to-midnight thrum of students and colleagues among which I am working to find a place. My world abruptly shrank from encompassing the city to being a sixteen-block-square.

This is my commute. I am still late at least once a week.
The job is nice. I like the work, it's good to be academically involved with students again, I have quite a nice office. What I still lack is a sense of purpose and drive. But I am working on that.

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